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12 TriLED Passive (12TLP)

///12 TriLED Passive (12TLP)
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12 TriLED Passive (12TLP)


The 12 TriLED Passive, is the smallest in size as well as LED’s available in the eLite range of LED lighting products.

Now a standard wired alarm panel with No modifications also provides movement activated, battery backed-up lighting at a very low cost! Using typically 10% of the lighting energy previously used. The eLite Passive in this application works by means of an interface circuit which connects directly to a standard alarm system with passive sensors.The alarm battery, wiring and passive sensor will automatically activate this eLite as soon as the passive sensor picks up movement. It will keep the eLite on for around 10 minutes after movement is detected before fading our. With this version it is possible to fully light up a typical house, office or factory etc with movement activated lighting.

Versions Available:
12LED to 60LED -Passive Triggered

Length: 30cm to 1.1metres depending on version chosen
Width: 31mm

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Product Description

The 12 TriLED Passive Features:
Movement activated lighting using alarm systems existing sensors,
Wired up using existing alarm systems standard wiring,
10 Minute timing circuit, 1 minute fade out time,
Battery Back-up using alarm systems battery,
High efficiency LED’s

Specifications: Supply Voltage: 12Volt DC or 24Volt DC
Current Consumption: 0.12Amp to 1.25Amp depending on version.
Wattage: 3watts to 15watts depending on version.
Conversion efficiency: 100 Lumens/watts
Ideal in it’s application for:
>Standard Household Alarm System- as movement activated and energy saving lighting.
>Low Voltage lighting system.
>Battery backed-up lighting.
>Emergency Lighting.


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