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24 TriLED Direct Strip (24TLD)

///24 TriLED Direct Strip (24TLD)
  • 24TDL- Synergy

24 TriLED Direct Strip (24TLD)


The 24 TriLED Direct LED Strip light, is the smallest in size as well as LED's available in the eLite range of LED lighting products.

The eLite Direct in this application works directly off of the supply/direct contact to the power supply. In order for
this version/ eLite to be switched on and off, it requires an external on/off switch
to operate it. This one is often used by campers and for many other applications.

Versions Available:
12LED to 60LED -Direct

Length: 30cm to 1.1metres depending on version chosen
Width: 31mm

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Product Description

The 24 TriLED Direct Strip Features:

Durable design. Easy Installation. No start up surge.
Low Heat Dissipation. High efficiency.
Super high Bright LED’s. Available in 12V and 24V DC.
Long operating life of 50 000 hours. 2 Year guarantee.
Able to use multiple lights with only one external master switch.

Specifications: Supply Voltage: 12Volt DC or 24Volt DC
Current Consumption: 0.12Amp to 1.25Amp depending on version.
Wattage: 3watts to 15watts depending on version.
Conversion efficiency: 100 Lumens/watts

Ideal in it’s application for:

>Down/Display lighting    >Bedside Lighting
> Stair wells                          >Study Desks
>Canopies                             > Caravans
> Closets                                > Cabinets
> Kitchens                             > Bars
> Tents                                   > Boats


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